Prosaide transfer cut

bruising and prosaide transfer cut

post fight makeup for a practical joke

Bruising for an episode of The Lyric Project

Pre-Fab contusion with paint by me

Max Carver with a beat up face for a music video

Blood and my pros-aide transfer cut for "A Polar Echo"

Skin Tite and 3rd Degree buildup with tubing for Devil Dogs

stake through the back for “A Valley of Ditches”

leg bruising for “A Valley of Ditches”

Fork in the eye gag for “Who Killed the Bible Salesman” Episode 3

3rd Degree shot in the ear for “Who Killed the Bible Salesman” Episode 3

Gunshot wound to the head for “Vengeance”

Prosaide transfer burn scar for Savior of Santa Muerte

Yay fake ears!

pre-fabricated gelatin prosthetic

Sampling of injuries and burns