Character Makeups

Alien and child for The 48 hour Film Project “Glorp Who’s Coming to Dinner” Adult alien cowl by RBFX and the child is in a bald cap.

Old age silicone cowl with hand punched hair. My final project at MUD.

No costume

Alex as a Cat for Just Giggle It

Russ as a police dog for Just Giggle It

Alex Poncio as The Beast for Just Giggle it

Goblin for Bitch Please Comedy’s Halloween House Episode

Exorcist Halloween makeup

The Fury (a personification of fear) from “Helen”

Paint and blood only zombie for “Leave Me Here”

Paint and blood only zombie for “Leave Me Here”

Paint and blood only zombie for “Leave Me Here”

Paint and blood only zombie for “Leave Me Here”

Crepe wool beard for Camp Abercorn pilot episode

Bald cap for “Amara”

Baldcap and hair for Making a Murderer parody by Just Giggle It

Mark Sipka as an old man. Gelatin prosthetic sculpt, mold, and application by me.

Drag makeup on Mark Sipka for Just Giggle It

Let’s make Mark a lady again for Just Giggle It

Various Ages for April in “Love Seasons”

Old age stipple and paint by me for "Don't Fight It" music video. Hair laying and bald cap by Lindsay Skinner.

Josh from Just Giggle it as Bernie

Wrinkle stipple on Leandra Ryan for Bitch Please Comedy

Character inspired by Thornn 2 from X-Men Comics

Foam latex prosthetic fantasy makeup

Foam latex cowl I assisted with application and molded/ran. Design, sculpt, and paint by Lindsay Skinner. For “Demystify My Love” music video.

Special Effects Makeup, Character Makeup, Movie Magic

Projects I designed, constructed and applied while attending the Make-Up Designory in Burbank. More detailed photos covering the whole process can be seen by clicking the link below: